Halifax EMC

Board of Directors

Morell Jones Morell Jones
District 1
Basil Williams Basil Williams
District 2
Jerry Packer Jerry Packer
District 3
Leon Williams Leon Williams
District 4
Robert Harris Robert F. Harris
District 5
Stan Brothers Stan Brothers
District 6
Richard Greene Richard Greene
District 7
Beverly Carter Beverly Walker
District 8
Robert Edwards Robert Edwards
District 8

Senior Management

Charles Guerry Charles H. Guerry
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Rod Bozard Rod Bozard
Manager of Operations
Wanda Cooke Wanda Cooke
Manager of Finance
Sanders Cox Sanders P. Cox
Manager of Billing Services
 Brady Martin Brady Martin
Mananger of Marketing and Economic Development

Sam Moseley
System Engineer
Leona Padgette Leona Padgette
Manager of Human Resources and Facilities