Interconnection Requirements

Halifax EMC’s Renewable Energy Generation Rider is available only for generation equipment installed and operated in compliance with the North Carolina Standard for Interconnecting Small Generation 100 kW or less with Electric Power Systems (EPS) approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC), hereinafter the “Interconnection Standard”. However, references in the Interconnection Standard to NCUC approved tariffs and service regulations will be interpreted to mean rates and service regulations of the Cooperative.

The Cooperative reserves the right to inspect the Member’s generation equipment at any time upon reasonable notice to the Member to ensure compliance with the Interconnection Standard. The Cooperative reserves the right to disconnect electric service to the premises if the Cooperative determines that the Member’s equipment is not in compliance with the Interconnection Standard.

The Member must submit an Application to Interconnect Small Generation (PDF) for approval by the Cooperative prior to interconnection with the Cooperative’s facilities. A nonrefundable application fee of $100 for residential service members or $250 for nonresidential service members is required with the Application. A contract will be required prior to installation and interconnection to the Cooperative’s system. The Member shall be responsible for installing suitable control and protective devices to assure no disturbance to the Cooperative’s system or service to other members, and to protect the Member’s facilities and all other interconnected facilities from loss or damage which could result from operation in parallel with the Cooperative’s system.

The Member shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the Cooperative to provide for the Member’s service. All facilities installed on the Cooperative’s side of the interconnection shall be furnished, installed, owned, and maintained by the Cooperative, at the Member’s expense.

Contract Term

Each Member shall enter into a contract for a minimum original term of one (1) year. Either party may terminate the contract after one year by giving at least sixty (60) days prior notice of such termination in writing. The Cooperative reserves the right to require a contract for a longer original term when justified by the circumstances.

The Cooperative reserves the right to terminate the Member’s contract if the Member violates any of the terms or conditions of this Rider, or operates the generation equipment in a manner which is harmful to the Cooperative or any of its members. In the event of early termination of a contract, the Member will be required to pay the Cooperative for unrecovered costs due to early cancellation.

Buy-All/Sell-All Interconnection

Under this metering configuration, Halifax EMC will allow a solar array to be installed and interconnected on a separate meter. Under this type of connection, you will sell all of the energy produced by the solar array rather than using it in your home. Each month, Halifax EMC will reimburse or credit you for the electricity you generated during that billing period.

Visual Interconnection Requirements for Customer-Owned Generation (COG)

Net Metering Interconnection

Your current meter is used to read forward and reverse power flow. Forward power flow is the power delivered from Halifax EMC. Reverse power flow is the power delivered to Halifax EMC from your generation system. Power generated by your system is typically used in your home first, but excess power will flow back to Halifax EMC. This excess power will be purchased by the cooperative under the Net Metering Rate Rider.