Halifax County Church Seeks Nomination for National Register of Historic Places

Posted: December 30, 2022 at 12:41 pm

Rocky Swamp Primitive Baptist Church, now known as Rocky Swamp Meeting House, was recently awarded a grant by Halifax Helps to assist in obtaining a historical survey and subsequent nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Rocky Swamp was established in July 1774 before the American Colonies became an independent nation. A recent Dendrochronology Report (dating events or artifacts through the study of tree rings) was obtained, also with assistance from a Halifax Helps grant, establishes a construction date of the building to be the winter of 1771-1772. Fun fact: after 223 years, the church was wired for electricity in 1997, which is when it became a Halifax EMC member.

According to Jeff Dickens, Rocky Swamp trustee and local historian, this report supports evidence of Rocky Swamp being the 4th surviving colonial church in North Carolina as well as the only surviving colonial church that was not founded by the Church of England. It is also most likely the oldest Baptist church and timber frame church in the state. Halifax County has a rich history and a national historic designation for Rock Swamp would benefit not only the County, but the State of North Carolina as well.