President’s Message (2022 Annual Report)

Posted: May 16, 2023 at 4:24 pm

Basil Williams
Basil Williams
District 2


As your board president, I am proud to share the accomplishments made by your cooperative in 2022. While we all are living in a world forever changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, your cooperative continues to adapt to meet your needs, support our youth and educators, and work to strengthen our rural community through economic development and grant assistance.

Your cooperative’s pre-pay program grows steadily each year and last year was no exception. 964 members were utilizing prepay billing at the end of 2022. Pre-pay allows members to pay for electricity prior to using it instead of paying once a month. You determine how often and how much you pay as long as your account maintains a positive balance. A deposit is not required. There are no disconnection or reconnection fees, and we will send you frequent alerts and reminders about your account.

Halifax EMC continued supporting education by awarding $8,193 in Bright Ideas educational grants. For nearly 30 years, North Carolina’s electric cooperatives, including Halifax EMC, have helped light up learning in K-12 classrooms through this program. Since 1994, North Carolina’s electric cooperatives have awarded more than $25 million in Bright Ideas educational grants. Teachers (K-12) with creative ideas for hands-on learning projects are encouraged to apply for a grant up to $2,000. Teachers may visit NCBrightIdeas for more information.

I am also happy to share that Binderholz, our largest industrial member, began operations last year and is now in full commercial operation. They are currently operating one shift but have plans to add additional shifts. We look forward to their continued growth and the employment opportunities for our community.

Last year, Halifax EMC worked to secure a $300,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program (REDLG) for its Community Revolving Loan program. We just received notice that the grant request will be awarded and the funds will be used to assist a local volunteer fire department purchase a Class A fire truck. The REDLG program provides zero-interest funds to local electric cooperatives who in turn lend the money to local entities for projects that support rural areas. This will be our 11th Community Revolving Loan.

Lastly, Halifax EMC proudly returned $378,289.12 in the form of capital credits to members who had electric service with the cooperative in 2002. This includes estates of deceased members and inactive members. As a cooperative member, you are entitled to capital credits—the money or margin that is left over after all bills associated with doing business have been paid.

These are just a few of your cooperative’s achievements. You—the member—are at the heart of what we do each day. It is a privilege to serve you and we look forward to another great year ahead.