Unclaimed Capital Credits

Posted: June 10, 2022 at 10:24 am

Halifax EMC seeks to return refunds to former members and/or current members whose capital credit checks were marked undeliverable. If you know any of these people, please pass the word to them to contact Halifax EMC at 252-445-5111 to claim their refund.

Halifax EMC continues to retire capital credits that accumulate to the estates of deceased members. If an application for a capital credit refund has not been submitted to the cooperative on behalf of a deceased member, the executor/executrix of the deceased member’s estate may apply at the cooperative’s offices for the capital credits.

NOTE: This listing is in alphabetical order with last names first: however, some names may be
listed alphabetically by first name. When looking for a name, check either order. If your name is
not listed, you are not due capital credits.

Unclaimed Capital Credits List