2022 Annual Meeting

Halifax EMC’s 83rd Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 208 Whitfield St., Enfield, NC  27823. Registration begins at 1:30 pm and the business meeting begins promptly at 2 pm. No food, door prizes, or entertainment provided. BUSINESS MEETING ONLY.

The Nominating Committee, selected by the Halifax EMC Board in December, met February 2, 2022, to make their nominations for Districts 1, 2, and 8 At-Large. The incumbents for these districts are:

District 4:                    Harry Williams

District 6:                    Stanley Brothers

District 8 At-Large:     Macon Robertson

PLEASE NOTE:Board Member Application indicating a member’s interest to serve, whether by petition or nomination, is required no later than Friday, January 21.

Director Qualifications

A complete list of director qualifications are cited in the cooperative’s bylaws (Section 4.02). Here are a few abbreviated key points:

  • You  must be a member in good standing
  • You must be a primary resident located in the district you’re running
  • You must not be employed by Halifax EMC

How to Run

Nomination by petition: Obtain an official Halifax EMC Petition form and collect at least 30 signatures from Halifax EMC members in any district. One signature per membership. Must also include member’s name printed legibly, member number, and the listing of nominee(s) and the directorate district(s) they would represent. Petitions due in the Enfield office by 5 pm March 22.

Nomination by a member of the Committee on Nominations: This committee, consisting of nine members, will meet February 2 to nominate candidates for the board districts 4, 6, and 8 At-Large.